Does your recruitment toolkit have

Advanced Brand Marketing Capability? 270 Million Profiles? Passive Candidates? Skill Distribution Mapping? Candidate Recommendations? Artificial Intelligence? Candidates you can't find elsewhere?

We do!

JobsTheWord transforms your ability to market your jobs and employer brand to people you can’t source elsewhere.

We use Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Predictive Analytics to make it simple for you to engage with and hire the right talent.
80% of people are in the passive market, JobsTheWord enables you to reach them.


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Reach passive talent

80% of people are in the passive market meaning identifying, contacting or persuading them to apply for your jobs is an extremely time consuming administrative task.

Through the use of clever technology (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data) and human expertise we deliver fresh applications who are not reachable using any other sources.

Understand your candidate market

Understanding your target employment market and feeding useful insights back to your business is a challenge.

Prescriptive analysis of your live career opportunities not only gives you essential foresight but also suggested actions to help you deliver a successful strategic hiring plan.

Case Studies

Hundreds of successful companies use JobsTheWord to reach passive talent.

Here are a selection of case-studies from some of them:

  • Worldpay

    Worldpay wanted to move away from recruiter driven direct resourcing they had been previously using and JobsTheWord offered them something different.

  • Experian

    We are delighted with the results from JobsTheWord. They promised to attract passive job seekers, build us a platform of talent we can re-use for future campaigns and save us time and money, they delivered!

  • OpenTable

    We love what can happen around the restaurant table. Since 1998, we’ve been committed to empowering that experience.

  • BlackBerry

    We now ensure that all our vacancies are advertised on JobsTheWord as it has now proved itself to be an invaluable tool to supplement our existing recruitment and sourcing methods.

  • Maersk Line

    This client was looking to avoid using expensive recruitment agencies to find suitable candidates to fill their roles.

  • Hewlett Packard

    JobsTheWord has been a God-send to us. They have managed to discover quality candidates for our sites across England and Scotland for a wide range of role, including our more niche security cleared roles, which are notoriously difficult to fill.

Our Team

Our customers know we live and breathe making a success of your experience, here are some of the people behind what we do:

Find and hire the right people faster and more cost effectively.


  • Over 70% of professionals are in the passive market
    Stats show that over 70% of professionals are in the passive market

    There are plenty active candidates out there hunting for jobs and I am of course simplifying and wildly exaggerating in the above table to make a point. Not everyone looking for a new job is guaranteed to be a “Becky” but the people you want filling your available job roles are not necessarily the candidates who are actively looking right now.

  • JobsTheWord Customer Journey
    JobsTheWord Customer Journey

    Your job has its very own fully branded page on the JobsTheWord website. Artificial Intelligence analyses you job and finds the best matching candidates.

  • You learn something every day if you pay attention
    You learn something every day if you pay attention

    I apologise in advance for the stereotypical "Hi I'm a fun substitute teacher" style this blog has been written in. I always really enjoyed a good substitute teacher's class.

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