Empower your talent function with business critical, evidence-based insights derived from huge, accurate, real-time data.

Powering talent insights in the world's largest organisations

Turn hiring manager opinions into
real market insights.

Everyone has an opinion, but opinions without insight can sometimes be counterproductive.

Real-time data gathered from 350m social profiles generates analytics able to provide credible talent market insight.

"As a recruiter, I want to be able to manage my hiring manager's salary expectations". Horsefly analytics demonstrate the average salaries of candidates based on skill set and job title across multiple locations.

Reduce costs, save time and
reach your target talent markets

Today recruiters are tasked with hiring from multiple talent markets at the same time. On average, a recruiter will be working on 15 concurrent roles at any one time. To deeply understand any new market takes a monumental amount of time and effort.

Horsefly quickly turns recruiters into market experts. From a simple search, we return deep analytics, including:

  • related keywords
  • salary expectations
  • companies who hire them
  • universities they attend
  • supply and demand
  • gender breakdown
  • experience breakdown
  • competitor employer brand analysis

Improve business performance through
data-driven decision making

As we move closer to global workforces it’s important that companies understand the bigger picture.

Horsefly insights enable board level decisions to be made with absolute confidence.

Armed with our intelligence Horsefly users have made smarter, more strategic decisions on where to base specific talent and to open new offices.

Why Horsefly?

Whether you need intelligence to support your business as an Operational Recruiter, a TA leader, a Business Planner,
a Finance Director or as an RPO, our clients choose Horsefly because it excels in 4 core areas:

  • Accuracy

    Data is collected from multiple sources making it the most accurate and robust collation of data on the market.

  • Speed

    Horsefly data is accessible in real-time, cutting down the time it takes to gain insights from weeks & days, to hours & minutes.

  • Intuition

    Why make it complicated?
    The Horsefly UI has been designed to be intuitive and easy to adopt, so you can start using it today!

  • Intelligence

    Using AI to add meaning & interpretation to data, Horsefly is learning in perpetuity, getting smarter everyday.


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