Get fast feedback from your future workforce before you hire them.

You may want to find out what a group of professionals is thinking without quizzing your own staff, test new concepts, find out more about the attitudes of a particular talent pool before you set out to hire a new business stream or you may simply want to gain intelligence or insights in a particular field or with a particular demographic.

Whatever the reason, timely and reliable data will always help drive sound business decisions.

How It Works

With data covering 270million people worldwide, JobsTheWord interacts with millions of candidates each month, our Surveys allow you to have meaningful dialogue with big data talent pools.


We will work with you to understand your ambitions and create a survey that will give you the intelligence you need to drive your hiring practices, business legislation and workforce decisions


We will only survey bespoke talent pools that fit your criteria.

We break these down by:

  • Skill sets & qualifications
  • Job titles
  • Gender & experience levels
  • Graduation
  • Past work experience
  • Location


We will create reports along side your raw data that are ready to present to your senior executives, with charts, graphs, SPSS analysis, insights and interpretations.

JobsTheWord are already helping hundreds of clients test new concepts, measure employer brand performance, find out what a talent pool is talking about and what they are interested in, and conduct industry specific market research.

Start gaining insights today and get fast feedback from bespoke targeted talented pools.

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